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  • Moroccan Mosaic Styles.
  • Barn Buri Green with Gold by Angelo Handmade Premium Tiles.
  • (Renovation) the wall for Posture Background.
  • Thai Sculptured King Bed Wood, Modified style from Thai Museum.
  • Foyer Mosaic Staip,.
    (Renovation) Broke the wall for Fashion Show and Bride Coming.
  • Birds Mosaics with Antique Chinese Dynasty Chair.
  • Many of Pillow Menu of Eupopean Sham, Standard and 16" Square Pillow.
  • Linew Pillow and Curtains were sewed by Own-er
  • Sino Blue and White Theme with Hmong Fabric and
    Kitchenware 16" Square Pillow Decoration.
  • Mosaic design by Pual Boonchai,
    The famous Fabric Designer from New York.
  • Old Fashion Mosaics on the Floor.
  • All rooms serve Towels, Shampoo, Shower Gel,
    Lotion, Toothbrush, Soap, Shower Cap, Comb,
    Sanitary Bag, Cotton Bud and Hair Dryer.
  • Some of Kitchenware for guest in room comfort-
    abe with  Kettle, Free coffee and Drinking Water.
  • Mosaics Pole
  • Thai Elephant Mosaic.
  • Lamduan Big Best Seller by Angelo Handmade Premium Tiles.
  • Star with Gold by Angelo Handmade Premium Tiles.
  • Table with Gold in Boardroom Meeting.
  • Original Cement Block by Angelo "Premium Handmande Tiles"
  • Gallery show by Owner Ariyapong Artist.
  • Nude Line Set by Angelo Handmade Premium Tiles.
Owner Ariyapong Artist
"Gui Lin"
Owner Ariyapong Artist